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We're All in This Together--Please Sign the Petition

Written Monday, January 30, 2012

The Pentagon is disregarding its ban on military expansion in the top portion of the "51st State"--the beautiful 60 million acres in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico that the Army and Air Force want to turn into a practice war zone. 

As quoted on the Not 1 More Acre! Website, the organization “fostered an overwhelming (383-34) bipartisan Congressional vote to ban funding for any activity related to expansion at the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site, a ban that Not 1 More Acre! has successfully petitioned Congress to renew each year since.

In 2009 Not 1 More Acre! won a Federal Court Order under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) enjoining the Army from expanding training at the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site. Not 1 More Acre! provides unrelenting legal     defense against violations of the court order to uphold the integrity of laws banishing Transformation from Piñon Canyon.

In 2011, when the four-year-old funding ban prohibiting military expansion at Piñon Canyon was stolen away from the appropriations bill, Not 1 More Acre! alerted opponents across the nation. Thousands of taxpayers stood up and spoke out demanding restoration of the Congressional funding ban. Their swift and sure action caused the House to restore the funding ban for another year."

Read what the Pentagon wants to do now at Fort Carson and Piñon Canyon in the new Draft Environmental Assessment on the stationing of the 13th Heavy Combat Aviation Brigade:

Comment by e-mail on the Environmental Assessment by telling the Army to drop its illegal plans to establish, train and maneuver its 13th Heavy Combat Aviation Brigade and its drones anywhere in southern Colorado (deadline this Thursday, Feb. 2):

Sign the petition to establish a one-sentence policy prohibiting Pentagon expansion across southern Colorado here:

“A month after the last American troops left Iraq” begins the article “U.S. Drones Patrolling Its Skies Provoke Outrage in Iraq” in yesterday’s New York Times. It quotes the Iraqi acting minister of interior saying, “Our sky is our sky, not the U.S.A.’s sky.” What irony that Americans are in the same boat: “Don’t let U.S. drones take over Colorado and New Mexico’s skies either!”

Please sign the petition:

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